Tansen, Nepal. A city on a hill.

Today we traveled to Tansen, Nepal to the hospital where Stephanie was born. In this picture, Tansen is on the hillside in the background. Terraced fields, which are very common in Nepal can be seen in the middle ground, and the raw materials of development can be found in the foreground.

Day 1’s Accommodations – A Sailboat

Two flights down, successfully clearing TSA security (large bags of Smarties, Starburst look like a solid mass under X-ray) and Canadian customs and our accommodations is a 48 ft sailboat owned by Stephanie’s parents. We leave for the next leg of our trip at 7:30 tomorrow morning.

3 Stories, 24 Timezones, 21 days, and 20,298 Miles

Thirty three years ago a young missionary couple had a critically ill daughter in a 3rd world country. Needing immediate surgery her father smuggled her out of the country and successfully reached the United States where the initial surgeries were successful. The couple was then told, your daughter has a heart defect that we can’t operate on until she’s 2 years old, but she will probably die within a month.

What happened? Find out here -> https://www.christianity.com/11622440/

Seven years ago, a young couple with a heart for the world was facing the real possibility that infertility was going to be a constant part of their life. Wanting to give something of themselves to a child in need they signed up to sponsor a young boy with World Vision living in a third world country facing poverty, major societal shifts due to refugees, and sea level rise. Cards have been exchanged and multiple pictures of this now thirteen young man can be found on this couple’s refrigerator.

His name is Nirob and he needs Jesus.

Just over two years ago, a young piano teacher was asked by a woman from Chad to teach her two boys piano. With natural skill they took to the instrument with zest. This family moved to Switzerland whereupon they asked this piano teacher to follow up on her true passion to teach English to these two boys courtesy of the World Trade Organization.

Tomorrow, my wife (the daughter, the wife, and the piano/ESL teacher) and I will begin a trip that will pull all three of these God stories and relationships together. This will be the culmination of decades of prayer on her parents’ part to return to Nepal and getting to share a country that they love with their daughter and the son-in-law that they prayed they would meet and see when there was a very real possibility there wouldn’t be one. Please pray that God would be honored, we would spot divine opportunities, and that we would show God’s love to everyone we meet. Finally please pray that Stephanie and I would come back refreshed and closer as a couple


The photo is a a selection from a letter written by Thomas Jefferson, To Edward Carrington Paris, on Jan. 16, 1787

No matter if you are on the left or right, I would suggest that we the people of the USA are responsible for the government we have. Will we change our ways, about not caring what goes on in government or even complaining about a government policy but failing to get involved whenever possible? All this stuff happens off of Facebook folks. Protests are not the answer Facebook rants are not the answer.

Rather staying informed, asking for and showing up at town hall meetings, participating in local government, and especially voting in every single election where you have a right to vote. There are things we will disagree on and should have discussions about but let’s seek common ground wherever possible.